Loe Marcoline

Director of Community Impact

“If we can connect with an actionable approach, we can channel resources in ways that center the possibility of well-being and health for all peoples and communities.”

Loe Marcoline earned an interdisciplinary degree focused on health and society from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada. She joins the Anchorum St. Vincent team with a deep commitment to working for and with socially driven organizations to advance community-based social change strategies. She also approaches the work with an appreciation of interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to solving social issues. Loe is purposeful about using her passions and creativity to help people and communities.

Based in northern New Mexico, she and her husband live off-grid on a small parcel of land where they operate an organic farm and own a small-batch, artisan hot sauce company. They surround themselves with family, adventurous and hardworking friends, and a collection of rowdy, four-legged creatures.